Wyoming is a state of friendly banks, low cost and effective options, good people and a helpful Secretary Of State. You won’t find arrogance in Wyoming as is found in Nevada, particularly by the financial institutions. It’s a low-key state with pride in its clean business practices.

Why form a Wyoming corporation? 0% State income tax for corporations & excellent privacy. This income tax is only for corporations operating from a state with no income tax. See your tax advisor. If you’re really operating from another state, then you may need to file as a foreign corporation.

Wyoming corporations: Low costs, low fees, and excellent statutes for those concerned about private ownership. Consider an LLC to hold the interests of your company shares.


  • Wyoming was the first US state to enact the LLC in 1977.  It was fortified in 2010.
  • Wyoming has no business license fees.  Nevada annual business license is $500.
  • Wyoming doesn’t require for the LLC Manager to be posted on the articles of organization.
  • Owners of a Wyoming company may live anywhere in the world friendly to the USA.
  • Director and officers of the company enjoy the highest protection from litigation.  Officers and Directors aren’t responsible for the debts of the corporation.
  • You can trade anything of value for stock.
  • Wyoming has the most business friendly environment of any state since 2009.
  • Shareholder meetings may be anywhere in the world.
  • Wyoming has no state income tax like Nevada but with only a $50 annual fee.  Compare that to Nevada annual fees at$650 per year.
  • Any company from almost anywhere in the world may continue their operations into Wyoming and retain their original incorporation date as part of the Continuance filing.
  • Wyoming companies are treated the same as other companies anywhere else in the USA.  Wyoming companies aren’t controversial.  They don’t attract attention because of Wyoming’s clean business environment.
  • Wyoming’s business environment has a clean reputation.
  • Wyoming has no franchise tax.  Delaware has a franchise tax.
  • No gross receipts tax.  No inventory tax.  No corporate income tax.  No personal income tax.  No per capita tax.  No excise tax.
  • No report of the stockholders of the corporation to the State of Wyoming.
  • Stockledger doesn’t need to be held by the registered agent.  In comparison, Nevada companies must retain a copy of the stock ledger with the registered agent or an address of where it can be found..
  • Members of an LLC aren’t listed publicly.
  • Minimum requirements of formalities.
    low annual fees.
  • Property and inheritance taxes are the lowest in the USA.
  • One person can fill all positions of a Wyoming company.
  • WY LLC membership can’t be foreclosed upon.
  • Unlimited shares of no par value permitted for corporations.
why Wyoming incorporation
why Wyoming llc
  • In comparison, Nevada companies are subject to increased scrutiny due to the legalized activities that are illegal elsewhere throughout the USA.  The philosophy of “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” draws shady business practices.  Banks are cautious when dealing with Nevada companies due to the legalized cannabis business, legalized prostitution, the pervasive gambling and the cash businesses in Nevada.  Wyoming doesn’t attract these problems.
  • Wyoming’s focus is on lower fees, tax benefits, private ownership from the public record, low paperwork requirements, lack of business licensing, flexibility and low bureaucracy.   If you’re going to hold your company privately, then Wyoming is the best jurisdiction.  On the contrary, Delaware is the best place for your business if you’re going public with an initial offering of stock.
  • Stock ownership is private and not registered with the state of Wyoming.
    Corporate officers are indemnified by the State of Wyoming.
    There’s no minimal capital requirement when starting a Wyoming corporation or Wyoming LLC.
  • Anyone in the USA, or in the world, can incorporate a Wyoming corporation or Wyoming LLC and do business from Wyoming.
  • You wouldn’t walk around with your SSN showing on the front and back of your shirt.  And yet, most people have assets that are found on the public record.  You can protect yourself from the public record by holding assets in a Wyoming corporation or Wyoming LLC.   It’s just no one else’s business what you own or where it is.
  • We provide a Contract Officer service to keep your name off the public record.
  • We also provide a mail forwarding service to do business from Wyoming.

Moving your Company to WYOMING

Wyoming offers an opportunity to move your company into Wyoming.  Whether you’re paying $650 / year to maintain your Nevada company, or paying $300 a  year to maintain your Delaware company, you have the right to move your company to Wyoming and only pay $50 /year in annual state fees.

In fact, you can move any US company, and most international companies, to the State of Wyoming.  It’s called a continuance.  If you would like an estimate on how to continue your company into Wyoming, please inquire at ASSETPROFILE@GMAIL.COM or call us at 484.256.4563.


Wyoming companies cost $50 a annually in state fees.

NEVADA CORPORATION/NEVADA LLC WARNING:  As of June 1, 2005, all Nevada corporations and Nevada LLC’s mandate a NV State Business License application.  This requires disclosure of stockholders, their SSN’s, and % of ownership disclosed.  Even if you DON’T do business in Nevada, you must complete the Nevada business license and pay the $500 fee.  Nevada privacy is finished.  Wyoming doesn’t require a business license unless you’re a licensed professional (doctor, chiropractor, plumber, etc.).

ADVISORY ABOUT THE SECRETARY OF STATE OF NEVADA:  For years, Nevada incorporators promoted that they don’t have an information sharing agreement with the IRS.  Nevada sells their information to information clearinghouses and database companies.  The IRS looks at Nevada companies because the incorporators brag that their state has no sharing agreement with the IRS.  If you do business with a Nevada corporation or Nevada LLC, this doesn’t help you.  The IRS will gain information about the company and the signer on the account from the bank.

ADVISORY ABOUT NOMINEE EMPLOYER IDENTIFICATION NUMBERS:  DON’T USE A NOMINEE EIN:  There are a few incorporators who sell corporations and LLC’s with Employer Identification Numbers obtained by a nominee.  They claim this enhances privacy.  Please be advised this is False for the following reasons:

  • Any person who applies for an excessive number of EIN’s find themselves a target of the IRS and increases your company’s susceptibility to audits.
  • If you apply for the bank account, the bank will ask for your social security number and the EIN of the company.  At this point, the bank employee calls the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) under the U.S. Treasury.  The bank will screen the company name/EIN, and your name/SSN, together.  The OFAC and US Treasury keeps a record of this inquiry and the EIN, and your SSN, are linked.  Therefore, obtaining a “nominee EIN” offers no additional privacy or protection.  It’s an un-needed service.  This is a federal requirement as mandated by the Patriot Act to screen out lunatic terrorist freaks.  If your bank is not requiring an SSN to open the account, the bank employee and the accounts that were set up shall be eventually suspect, or frozen, until a warm body comes to claim the account. 

Nevada Corporation Downside:  Nevada annual fees are $650 per year in state fees.  Wyoming fees are $50 annually.  

Forming a Wyoming Corporation affords you the following:

Wyoming offers less expenses with less drama.  Wyoming is known for clean business, defense industries, ranching, tourism, mining and a rodeo.  In comparison, what is Nevada famous for?

In Nevada, their banks are nervous about legalized cannabis, legalized prostitution, and cash industries that support the gambling industry.  Why associate your business to that level of scrutiny?  If the banks in Nevada are concerned, then the banks across the USA are also worried about Nevada companies.  Further, Las Vegas runs hot on the money laundering heat map.

  • Both corporations can accomplish the same objectives in terms of financial privacy and asset protection.  Both states respect stockholder rights and property.  Wyoming costs less with fewer problems.

Wyoming Disclosure:  Wyoming corporations must declare all assets in Wyoming on the annual report.  Obviously, if the Wyoming corporation has no assets in Wyoming, then declare nothing.

To avoid listing these assets, simply hold assets outside the state of Wyoming.  This is an easy solution.

Can’t make up your mind between the Nevada corporation and the Wyoming corporation?  The truth is that most stockholders, or even the incorporators, don’t take advantage of the strengths of either.  The differences are subtle between the two states but important for those interested in maximum protection.  The lay person won’t know the difference.  This is why you should call 307.237.2580 or 484.256.4563 for a free consultation on how to maximize your advantages with either a Nevada or Wyoming corporation.

Delaware Corporation Strengths and Weaknesses:  Delaware is best if you’re intending to go public with an initial offering of stock to be traded on an exchange.  If your company stock won’t be traded on an exchange, then there’s no point for a small business to incorporate in Delaware.

Delaware is the best state to incorporate for the publicly held corporation.