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Lowest prices. Clean companies. Twelve year old shelf corporation for $2295. Four year old shelf company for $1500.

Wyoming Virtual Office - About Us

Wyoming is by far the most business friendly state with the least disclosure requirements.  The annual report is only $50 per year.  In years past and into 2020, Wyoming is ranked number one (1) for the state business tax climate.


We started offering Nevada companies in 2001 after noticing that Nevada dramatically increased their fees.  We moved the office to Wyoming in 2003, and never looked back. Although Wyoming and Nevada are without a state income tax, Wyoming is costs a fraction to file and maintain.

Wyoming is the most business friendly state in the United States. There’s no need for a business license or to disclose the owners to the State of Wyoming.

We believe in ethical Capitalism. Through Wyoming, anyone may leverage innovation, technology, and self-employment with minimum interference. Whether you’re interested in starting a business, or looking to protect your interests, Wyoming is the best choice for small businesses. The rule of law is strong in Wyoming with no tolerance for illegal conduct. see more

Unlike Nevada, the Wyoming annual report fee is only $50. Wyoming is known for clean business and the will to leave others alone when they’re doing the right thing. Wyoming has a stellar reputation for high tech, energy, federal contracting, defense, and the American entrepreneurial spirit that made this country great.

The banks also prefer doing business with Wyoming than with Nevada. Wyoming doesn’t allow legalized prostitution, legalized gambling, or legalized cannabis. This results open and comfortable banking relationships, without the stigma afforded by Nevada.

Yes, Delaware remains the king of the Initial Public Offering(IPO). But Wyoming is the place for the small business person with the ambition to strike out at minimal cost and maximum protection. see Delaware v/s Wyoming Comparison

Wyoming also offers a continuance procedure.  We are able to bring in any company and continue the company as if it always existed in Wyoming.  Please call and ask about how to continue your company, from anywhere in the world, into Wyoming.

Thank you for considering our office in Cheyenne, Wyoming. USA.


  • The Wyoming LLC offers aggressive asset protection at a low cost.
  • Extremely secure corporate veil.
  • Prohibition against foreclosing against your interest in a Wyoming LLC.
  • The Wyoming LLC was first invented in Wyoming in 1977. Wyoming was the first to develop the LLC withing the USA and then updated it in 2010 to make the asset protection more aggressive and thorough.
  • A creditor may not foreclose against your interest in a Wyoming LLC.
  • Members (owners) of the LLC are not reported to the State of Wyoming. The members are reported to the bank and the IRS. That information remains private. Nevada requires reporting of the LLC members on the business license to State of NV.

Managers and members are not required to be disclosed on the public record. There are some banks that require that disclosure. We can resolve that by providing you a Manager who will serve on the public record for you. In fact, the IRS and the bank will have your photo ID and will know your connection to the company. You apply for the EIN. It’s just that the rest of the world will not know your connection to the company.

  • Our operating agreement is aggressive in protecting the interests of the members. Ask us how.
  • A corporation or another LLC, anywhere in the world, can serve as corporate officer of the Wyoming LLC.   The manager doesn’t need to be human.


  1. Build the business credit profile separate from your personal credit profile.
  2. Your goal is to pay bills on time.
  3. You can access more than twice the amount of business credit than personal credit.
  4. Obtain a business phone number and a 411 listing, and brick and mortar address. These are basic points of legitimacy
  5. Cards to qualify for retail credit: Sam’s Club, BP, Conoco, Walmart, Costco, Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Grainger, Quill, Uline, Nav, Summa Office Supplies
  6. Use your exact business name filed in the articles of incorporation and include the DBA.
  7. Use the same exact name on all documents, filings and bank statements.
  8. Don’t use a sole proprietorship. A sole proprietorship is not really a business.
  9. Use a corporation or LLC to be recognized as a business.
  10. You must have an EIN. The EIN and the company name is used to verify the company identity.
  11. Your goal is to build at least six (6) payment experiences or more. This also means that those doing the reporting must be
  12. For the address, don’t use a
  13. Need a leased vehicle, or to maintain a vehicle? Open an account with BP, Shell, 76 Fleet, Phillips 66, and/or Conoco.
  14. Open at least eleven (11) accounts. At least one of the accounts should have at least $10,000 limit.  Pay for everything with these credit accounts.  Pay them off early for at least six (6) months.

No tax on corporate shares & No franchise tax

Wyoming Corporation? Wyoming S-Corporation? Wyoming Limited Liability Company (LLC)? Sole Proprietorship? Wyoming Limited Partnership?

Wyoming Registered Agent Services

New Wyoming Corporation or Wyoming LLC


One Time

Includes Articles of Incorporation, Certificate of Good Standing, Registered Agent Service for One Year, Corporate Resolutions and Bylaws/Operating Agreement.

Wyoming Virtual Office service



That breaks down to less than $17 a month. A Wyoming virtual office is a good idea if you simply want to do business from Wyoming and you don’t need a business loan to get things done.

Contract Officer service



Place the company in your name or in ours. We offer a Contract Officer service for $500 per year to keep you off the public record. You remain the contact for the IRS and the bank. You’re the signer on the bank account.

Wyoming Registered Agent



Included with every new Wyoming Corporation or Wyoming LLC. The registered agent service is also included with every shelf corporation or shelf LLC.

Our renewal rate is the same.

Wyoming Mail Forwarding



Mail forwarding From Wyoming business street address in downtown Cheyenne.

Mail forwarding and the way it’s structured is critical depending on your goals.

Shelf Corporations Available


1 year Old

Obtain credibility in the eyes of your clients with a company that is one to 12 years old, or older. Acquire a company instantly – No waiting. Change the name to your liking. Increase access to corporate credit. Access bidding opportunities. Enhance marketing campaign