Delaware is the best state to run your company only if you intend to go public with an initial offering of stock. Looking to post an Initial Public Offering and have the the stock traded on an exchange? Delaware is the best state in the USA. Publicly traded companies belong in Delaware.

Acquiring an aged shelf company is expensive for several reasons. Let’s list them please.

  • The Delaware Secretary of State doesn’t like shelf companies. The DE SOS has taken the anti-Capitalist point of view that shelf companies are bad. There’s no law on the books that prevents anyone from filing shelf companies in Delaware. But the DE SOS has refused to list Delaware registered agents that file or sell Delaware shelf companies. In other words, the DE SOS has a list of registered agents on the DE SOS website. And if you’re a registered agent who sells shelf companies, they take you off that list, although there’s no law prohibiting the filing or selling of shelf companies.
    • The DE SOS has a $500 expedite filing fee. It’s possible that the DE SOS sees shelf companies as a competitor to their expedite procedure. Delaware is heavily depended on these fees so they can make good on their obligations.
  • Delaware shelf companies are expensive. The annual fees are high. You’re paying almost $300 a year to maintain a DE shelf company. There’s no reason to have such an expensive fee structure.

What’s the solution to reducing your fees in Delaware?

  • If you don’t intend to go public with your company, and there’s no reason for your company stock to be sold on an exchange, then there’s no reason to go with Delaware.
  • Non-US persons are brand specific.  Many foreign investors, not knowing the difference between US states, tend to gravitate to Delaware because of marketing or because their friends chose Delaware.  Many times they heard of Delaware or they saw it advertised somewhere.  As a result, they tend to choose Delaware because they don’t want to be embarrassed by making the wrong choice.  For most foreign investors and foreign business owners, Wyoming is actually the best choice because of the lower fees, aggressive asset protection and there’s no state income tax.
  • What if you don’t need to go public right away?  If you can run the business privately for the first few years, do that first.  Acquire a shelf company from Wyoming or Montana, where it costs much less, and then file it into Delaware when it suits you.  At any time, you can move the company to Delaware through a conversion filing.  This process takes a week and less than $1000.
    Corporate tax rate 0% Corporate tax rate 8.7%
    $50 annual state fees $225 annual state fees


    • Delaware has a conversion procedure.  This means you can take a company from any other state and file it into Delaware to continue the company.  This way, you can acquire an aged shelf company at a low cost and then file the company into Delaware when it meets your needs.
      • Can you convert an offshore company into a Delaware company?  Yes.
      • Can you convert a Delaware company into an offshore company?  Yes.
      • Can you convert a US company, from another state, into a Delaware company? Yes.
      • Can you convert a Wyoming company into a Delaware company?  Yes.
      • Can you convert a Delaware company into a Wyoming compnay?  Yes, and save money on filing fees.
      • Can you convert an offshore company into Wyoming?  Yes, and the costs are cut by half than if you converted it company into Delaware.
      • Can you convert a Wyoming company into an offshore company?  Yes.
    • You can start your business in Wyoming, where it cost much less to maintain and run the company.  Then, when you’re ready to go public, file a conversion into Delaware.
    • How much does it cost to file your company into Delaware as a conversion?  $800 to $1000.
    • How much does it cost to file your company into Wyoming?  Wyoming calls it a continuance and it costs $500.
    • Can you file your Wyoming LLC into DE as a  DE corporation?  Yes.
    • Can you file your Wyoming corporation into DE as a DE corporation?  Yes.
    • In fact, you can do this with any corporation anywhere in the USA.  Wyoming and Delaware offer the same flexibility.  You can continue your Delaware company into Wyoming if you’re tired of paying all those DE fees.
    • The difference between Wyoming and Delaware is that the Wyoming fees are lower, there’s no state income tax in Wyoming, and
  • Delaware shelf companies are expensive.  Why pay so much?
    • Save money and get what you want.  File any company into DE and the age of the company remains the same.  Why start with an expensive aged shelf company from Delaware?  You have options that costs less.
      • Choose one of our aged shelf companies from Montana and file it into Delaware.  We offer 10 year old shelf companies for $2295.00.  Add the conversion fee of $1000 to convert it to Delaware and you have a total cost of $3295.00.  Compare that to a ten year old Delaware corporation that our competitors offer for $10,000.00.

Or is your company going to be privately held? Wyoming is the best jurisdiction for small business. Wyoming is the best state for small business.