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Ten year old shelf corporation for 1995.  Request the list here.


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A Wyoming shelf corporation that was formed in advance of the order.  We filed the Articles Of Incorporation and prepared the corporate resolutions.    Simply call us at 307.237.2580 and we will ship it to the address of your choice.

If necessary, the corporate officer will assist you in drafting the application for the EIN.  (Your social security number is used on the EIN application.)

  • Do I really need a Wyoming shelf company to do business out of Wyoming?  The first option is to use a Wyoming company to do business out of Wyoming.  The second is to buy an out-of-state company and then file to do business in Wyoming as a foreign corporation or LLC.  We can accommodate your request either way.  The aged companies out of Montana are best to build business credit.  If that's a plan in the future, you could simply file the MT company in WY to do business and build your credit over the  next six months.

We have ten year old shelf companies in Montana that can be filed in Wyoming.

  • Why is the client's SSN used on the EIN application?  What about the privacy?  This may surprise you...it's the bank who shares the information with the IRS.  In other words, obtaining a "nominee officer EIN" holds no value.  The bank asks for your name, DOB, SSN, and other information.  Then the bank shares your information with the Department of Homeland Security to clear you as a potential terrorist.  The point?  Why get a "nominee officer EIN" when  the bank is going to report your personal data to the Treasury Dept. anyway?  So, go ahead and apply for the EIN on your own.  We'll help you draft the application.  Many incorporators, that sell EIN's, aren't telling you that it's the bank provides most of the data to the government.  They only seek to extract another $100 out of you in the application for an EIN that you can get on your own.  Besides, the identity of the person who applies for the EIN, or the bank account, doesn't hit the public record.

  • What about the corporate kit?  Corporate kits are an unnecessary expense.  Buy a cheapo three ring binder from Staples or OfficeMax and save money for a dinner with your significant other.  Your customers don't ask to see the corporate kit.  It's a "frill" marketed by the incorporation industry.

    • If your car had a leather owner's manual instead of one in vinyl, does it make the ride all that smoother?  No.  Buy some advertising instead.

    • If you must buy a corporate kit, skip the middle man and go directly to CORPKIT.COM


  • What about an address for mail forwarding?  We provide a street address and a PO Box in Wyoming.  We forward the mail several times per week.  Registered agents provide basic forwarding of mail for official purposes (legal notices, IRS paperwork).  For an upgrade, we provide mail forwarding for non-official uses (bank statements and other correspondence).   Registered agents are allowed to forward mail.

  • What about protecting the corporate veil and preparing resolutions? Many incorporators like to make the drafting of corporate resolutions seem difficult and complicated.  Here's a simple solution:

    • Buy a cheap spiral notebook from Staples or at the local grocery store.

    • Each time you resolve to do something like hire an employee or buy a delivery vehicle, write it down.  Handwrite the notes.  It doesn't need complicated and sophisticated language.  Here are examples:

      • July 14, 2006.  On this day we resolved to buy a Ford Windstar for delivery of wedding cakes to our customers.

        Sign Name, Position

      • July 28, 2006.  On this day we resolved to hire a bookkeeper for the administration of the company account.  The bookkeeper's name is Jonathan Blane. 

        Sign name, Positon

    • Notarize the bottom of the page every once in a while.

    • Your objective is to simply substantiate that the company is separate from you. 

    • Resolutions and minutes don't need to be a hassle.  Write them in your own words and make it easy.  An easy resolution is one that's likely to be written.  There are enough things to do in life than to worry about complicate corporate resolutions, don't you think?

  • Do you offer corporate officer/nominee officer services?  No.

What is the purpose of a shelf corporation?

Shelf Corporation Purpose #1:  The shelf corporation is used to assume a business history. INFO >

Shelf Corporation Purpose #2:  The shelf corporation eases the start-up of a business when needing to establish business credit.  Certain companies are known to lease to small businesses that are at least six months old.  Establishing corporate credit is easier with local suppliers.  In that sense, buying a shelf corporation with at least six months of age is of great help.

Only buy an aged shelf corporation, or "aged corporation", when there's a real benefit from using such an entity. 

Example A:  Wanda seeks to open a gift shop.  An aged corporation may only help her in terms of dealing with new suppliers.  Customers don't really care whether they buy a gift from a store that has no business history.  A retail operation that deals in jewelry, electronics, or other specialty item may be different; however, because follow-up is important.  The customer may feel that an business that with a history is more stable than one without.  This may make or break sales.

Example B: Mike is starting an internet-based consulting firm catering to small businesses.  His clients will ask him how long he's been in business.  Even though his business may be new, buying a two year old corporation may help him build instant credibility.  On the contrary, Mike's many years of experience may speak volumes for him instead of relying on an aged corporation.

Ask yourself whether the age of the corporation is important to your clients or your creditors.  If so, buying an aged corporation may be of benefit.  Ultimately, how you sell yourself and your products/services will clinch the deal, regardless of whether you buy an aged corporation.

Shelf Corporation Purpose #3:  Shelf corporations are ideal when action must be taken immediately.  INFO >

Shelf Corporation Purpose #4:  There are promoters of shelf corporations that advocate the use of aged shelf corporation for the repair of credit, or an alternative form of credit for those who are credit challenged.  INFO >

Shelf Corporation Purpose #5:  A contract was entered into in the name of a corporation to be formed and an unforeseen liability has surfaced.   INFO >